Improv in the Classroom

Our innovative, interactive program creates laughing cheering students while teaching them a broad range of communication and other life skills including:

Pro-active listening
Public Speaking
Interpersonal/Self Expression
Conflict Resolution/Problem Solving

Risk Taking
Self Confidence
How to be a Team Player/collaboration
Creative Thinking

Thinking on your feet
Ability to Focus

Conducted in a supportive, non-judgemental environment, improv magically breaks down barriers so students feel safe and eager to participate. It’s a proven fact that students when ‘engaged’ are more likely to learn. The same is true when humour is incorporated into the lesson. When students “live through” improv, they explore and express their thoughts, their values and their feelings in a controlled play based learning mode. Improvisation is able to accommodate a variety of different learning styles. Skills learned during an improvisation workshop are valuable tools that students can use in academic and day to day life. The benefits of improv are endless.

Allow us to personalize a workshop to your needs and budget.

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